Children & Youth

St. Giles offers a number of christian program for children and youth. Read on for more information:

Sunday School

At St. Giles we know how important it is to have support learning about God. We offer many ways for our kids of all ages to participate in Worship:

Sunday mornings we offer levelled Sunday School: nursery, toddler and school aged kids. In each setting we strive to ensure a safe and comfortable environment to explore and ask questions about God.

We know it is important to learn from our peers, but we also encourage families to worship together. The last Sunday of each month is dedicated to Family Worship. Kids of all ages are encouraged to stay with their families for the morning


Our Youth get together monthly to talk, adventure and share their moments as they grow in Christ:

jr. YOUth is for kids in grades 5-8. We get together one Friday a month for a variety of activities in and around St. Catharines.

sr YOUth is for kids in grades 8-12. During this monthly meeting on the 4th Sunday night of the month we explore topics related to christian way of living. We will plan events on a regular basis, according to everyone’s schedule.

Camps at St. Giles

Join us for our amazing camps throughout the year:

PAday Camp: For 5 PA day’s a year we offer full day camp for kids ages 4 and up. This camp is for kids who want something extra on their PA days. We offer crafts, games, science, stories and snacks all in a fun filled day!

Each summer we offer a week long camp with our partners at Camp Kintail!. They bring their overnight camping experience to St. Giles from 9am-3:30pm each day for a week. Lots of sun, games, art projects and stories along with themed water days where we aren’t afraid to get very wet!

Children and Youth Updates

Upcoming Events for Children and Youth

There are no upcoming events at this time.