Ministry Teams

Our Ministry Teams offer various ways to engage with our church, congregation, and community. For more information about Ministry Teams, what they do, and how to get involved, contact us

Pastoral Care Team

Our Pastoral Care team assists with the care of the congregation. We help by visiting our folks who are in nursing homes, hospitals, or other care facilities. We also help others with both practical and spiritual needs.

Christian Education Team

Listening to a sermon is often not enough to grow true faith. Discipleship also needs to be happening on a personal level, one on one with others in small and mid sized groups, of all ages. Our Christian Education team meets to explore new ways to offer opportunities for this growth to our community both here at St. Giles and beyond our walls.

Stewardship and Finance Team

This Team is responsible for the promotion of Christian Stewardship of the resources within the congregation for the advancement of God’s Kingdom within the world. This includes the stewardship of our time, our talents, our finances, and our care of Creation. God wants us to show that we care and use the gifts given to us in constructive ways.

Mission Team

We are committed to being the hands of Christ in our community, and in our world. This team gathers together to discern how we might best show and share Christian love.

Worship and Music Team

We are joyous in our worship of God and use our talents in many ways. This team meets to plan and implement our ideas for worship throughout the year.

Outreach Team

The Outreach Team is excited to be a voice of welcome within our community and to be welcoming people to our church. If you are a first time worshiper, we hope you find our family to be warm and gracious and we would love to see you again…soon!

Friendship Group

This is a gathering of women who value friendship and service in church. We meet in homes to share our love of God and church.


The Sisters are a group of women who meet to talk about our faith and be a support to one another. We laugh and share life together.

Lydia’s Ladies

These are a group of our widows who meet to talk about our faith and be a support to one another.

Ladies Aid

This gathering of women meet to work on the physical needs of our church.