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Worship Service 10 am

March 10 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Bread for the Journey Series: Week 1

Message: “Welcome Bread”

Scripture: Genesis 18:1-16

Invitation to Worship: by Steve Collins

Leader: To those who creep towards the kingdom

People: God says welcome

Leader: To those who rush towards the kingdom

People: God says welcome

Leader: To all of you, however you come, in speed and sloth,

People: God says welcome

Leader: To the door and the arms that are always open wide

People: God says welcome

Opening Prayer: from the Diocese of Bath and Wells


Not in unison, but 5 readers, please

We thank you, Lord, for flour:

flour made from wheat or other grain,

grown in the mystery of the earth,

ripened in the warmth of the sun;

ripened, then cut down at the harvest by the farmer’s skill,

ground by the miller,

sold by the shop assistant,

placed in the bowl…

we thank you, Lord, for flour.


We thank you, Lord, for salt:

Jesus told us we were to be salt of the earth,

and we must never lose our flavour.

The salt, which adds flavour to our food,

is also antiseptic to our wounds,

reminding us of the challenge to our faith

and the healing power of Jesus …

We thank you, Lord, for salt.


We thank you, Lord, for yeast:

that small yet living organism

that enables the bread to rise,

that reminds us of the fact that even small works done in Jesus’ name

can enable the kingdom to grow …

we thank you, Lord, for yeast.


We thank you, Lord, for water:

water, without which none of us could live,

water, which forms the other elements of our bread into dough,

which, having risen, and been formed and drawn into shape by human

hands, is baked to give us the staff of life;

water, which cleanses and renews us,

refreshes and revives us,

the water of baptism, which commits us to our faith …

we thank you, Lord, for water…


We thank you, Lord, for bread:

Bread, the basis of the food we eat,

bread for toast, for sandwiches, for bread and jam,

bread for bread pudding and bread for buns –

and bread that is broken and shared in communion with one another,

in remembrance –

remembrance of that night when Jesus sat with his friends at supper,

and broke the bread and gave it to them,

saying, “This is my body broken for you.”

We thank you, Lord, for bread.


And now we pray in the words of our Lord, Our Father…

Theme: Welcome, come on in, sit at our table and let me serve you…


March 10
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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St. Giles Presbyterian Church


St. Giles Presbyterian Church
205 Linwell Road
St. Catharines, Ontario L2N1S1 Canada
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