CE 333

Listening to a sermon is often not enough to grow true faith.  Discipleship also needs to be happening on a personal level, one on one with others in small and mid sized groups, of all ages.  Our Christian Education team meets on a monthly basis to explore new and established ways to offer opportunities for this growth to our community both here at St. Giles and beyond our walls.

When we meet together we discuss annual topics such as Lenten and Advent learning groups, Sunday School, Youth Groups of all ages, Vacation Bible Camp, Adult Bible Study as well as new opportunities to reach out.  We always welcome visitors at our meetings to discuss opportunities.  Members are asked to be enthusiastic about spreading the Word of God and be willing to participate in our activities to help support their importance.
Our CE team is supported by Lisa Schmauder, our CE Facilitator who works with the team and our Pastor to ensure we are aligned in all aspects of worship and spiritual growth.  If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Lisa at lschmauder@bell.net.
Ways to be involved:
  • Join a Bible Study group
  • Help out during learning events
  • Help in the Library
  • Help with open sessions in Sunday School programme for Friendship Fest and Fall Fest or Movie Madness
  • Help with the Christmas pageant
  • come on a retreat
  • Be a Sunday School and/or nursery  Leader
  • Dream with the CE team and help those dreams come to life as we share our faith
  • Do you have a special talent or interest to share with the youth?
  • Help Lead with VBC or our PA day Camps